About myNetWatchman

myNetWatchman is a cyber investigations and network analysis firm based in Atlanta, Georgia USA. We analyze and investigate network data in real-time for our customers, and provide them with actionable intelligence that is incorporated into their fraud management and recovery programs.


Our Services

myNetWatchman has a long history in providing network based intrusion detection. Originally conceived as a community-based network intrusion detection system, myNetWatchman has evolved into the leading cyber intelligence and investigations firm specializing in the analysis of network data. Our principals and analysts are well-known experts in the field of network analysis and intelligence gathering. Our customers rely on us to sort through massive volumes of real-time data to provide actionable intelligence. This intelligence is key to their risk management and recovery programs.

We have developed a highly customized toolset for processing network data that allows us to analyze, investigate, and report in real-time. If you feel that your existing fraud management program would benefit from our capabilities, please contact us for more information.